Maria A. Kositskaya

I have graduated from the Institute of Pneumosophy with a Master Degree in holistic medicine. I am a bio-energy therapist specializing in the field of alternative medicine. I mastered in acupuncture having finished the course of Su Jok Korean Medicine in 1992; I also studied various kinds of massage including, classical therapeutic, Japanese Shiatsu, ancient Chinese Tuina, also Tibetan massage which I learned from Tibetan monks.

God has given me ability to see the invisible world of spirits and human aura. This allows me to conduct multilevel diagnostics and choose individual therapy for my patients.

Besides the visible physical body, the human being has 6 invisible ones. Traditional doctors cannot sometimes define the true cause of illness, since this cause or causes lie not in the physical body, but in the subtle (invisible) ones. Often doctors treat only consequences without eliminating the source of illness.

94% of human beings have ancestral sins which hinder their lives, success or health. The person’s own sins brought from the previous lives or accumulated in this incarnation hinder him from obtaining health, wellbeing and happiness.

Misfortunes and illnesses may have other reasons. They may be the effects of Black Magic, Ancestral or Social Curse (Damnation), Evil Eye Spell, or inhabitation of the person’s bio-field by negative entities and spirits (evil spirits, demons).

All kinds of negative impact damage the person’s energy protection shell (his bio-field). The person loses energy necessary for the functioning of heart, brain and other internal organs; he gets the feeling of constant chronic fatigue; all existing deceases are exacerbated, and new ones may appear. The process of the person’s self-destruction may be turned on.

Black Magic – attacking the person by low vibration negative energy with the purpose of alien programmed intrusion. This is done by Black Magicians with the help of special rituals. The programmers may have various intentions like death, infertility, mental illness, impotence, discord between spouses, love spell, zombifying a person, depriving him of his own free will. Due to the energy outflow (loss) the person’s health deteriorates, and this may cause death.

Ancestral Curse – Caused by the intentional negative energy mental attack directed at the person’s kin. It is inherited by all generations to come and may last up to several centuries. All members of the kin may suffer from incurable illnesses, die before their time, or have unhappy, childless marriages.

Social Curse – Caused by the intentional negative energy mental attack on the person. It is not inherited along the ancestral line, but has a strong and dangerous negative impact on the person himself.

Evil Eye Spell – Unintentional; negative energy impact on the person. Strong negative attack by way of Evil Eye Spell may lead to death.

Inhabitation - Caused by a negative entity or spirit (evil spirit, demon) sneaking into the person’s bio-field if it already is damaged by (has breaches from) the negative attacks of Black Magic, Evil Eye Spell, or Curse. The entities feed on the person’s energy and do not leave him voluntarily. They block the brain, puts strange thoughts into it, zombie it, may lead the person to suicide, cause severe illnesses and mental distress. Several entities may inhabit the person’s bio-field at one and the same time.

A person, having a multileveled self-regulating system, can restore very quickly (just a few hours). It is essential to conduct first of all the proper diagnostics of the physical, psychic and energy health of the person. Within a few hours after eliminating the cause the person’s bio-field increases tenfold, immunity restores up to 100%, and psychic adequacy and health as well.

I am a master of bio-energy diagnostics; by looking at the person or his photo I can describe his character, habits, and health problems and why they arose. In the process of diagnostics I measure the bio-field and define the level of the person’s adequacy (i.e. his mental sanity).

I can answer any questions dealing with this person, his environment, family and friends, work and business; define his compatibility with other people and predestination in life.

Also, I can reveal geopathogenic zones in a house or outside that are malevolent for human residence.

I purify human bio-field from the impact of alien negative energy, conduct exorcism, and make individual amulets for the protection of the patient’s bio-field for the rest of his life.

I have latest devices in my arsenal that have no analogues in the world. With them I conduct total detoxification of the patient’s organism, expel all types of helminths, bacteria, viruses (including hepatitis A,B,C), and restore the immune system. I also use naturopathy to treat my patients, aromatherapy, colour therapy, allopathic, acupuncture and psychotherapy.

I am globally minded person and respect all the religions. I treat Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Judaists and atheists. I believe that God is one. This allows me to successfully combine in my work Orthodox prayers, Quran Suras, Old Russian charms and Sufi charms.

I was blessed to be a healer by the Senior Priest of the Church of Our Mother of Kazan in the village of Vyritsa where the Great Russian Saint Father Seraphim Vyritskiy is buried.

I treat:

- Hypertension and cardio-vascular diseases;
- Spine and locomotors system diseases;
- Headaches;
- Urine-genital diseases;
- Gall bladder and liver diseases;
- Infertility;
- Impotence;
- Eliminate psycho-emotional problems and depression;
- Chronic fatigue;
- Drug addiction and alcoholism;
- Insomnia;
- Hair loss;
- Conduct cosmetic massage;
- Conduct rejuvenation and cleansing of the organism;
- Conduct first medical aid in emergency situations;
- Conduct invigorating and resurging massage;
- Conduct massage for children, and teach parents;
- Eliminate effects of Black Magic, Evil Eye Spell or Curse impacts;
- Conduct exorcism;
- Restore bio-energy field of a person
and treat many other disorders.

To make an appointment for diagnostics or treatment call +7 921 380 39 29
Diagnostics and treatment by photo of the patient is also available.
The practice is located in Russia, St Petersburg near Primorskaya metro station

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