Dear Friends,

I would like to recommend you books which will help to answer many questions about our world, human life on Earth and after, God and religion, science of laws of nature behind miracles, coming year 2012...

1. Michael Newton, Ph.D.

"Case Studies of Life between Lives"

2. Michael Newton, Ph.D.

"Destiny of Souls. New Case Studies of Life between Lives"

3. Annie Besant.

"Man and His Bodies"

4. Annie Besant.

"Brotherhood of Religions"

5. Richard Bach.

"Jonathan Livingston Seagull"

6. Richard Bach.

"There's no such place as far away"

7. C.W.Leadbeater.

"Man Visible and Invisible"

8. The Holy Bible

9. The Holy Quran

10. Kryon.

"The end Times"

11. Kryon.

"Don't Think Like a Human

12. Kryon.

"The Journey Home"

13. Kryon.

"The New Beginning"

14. Kryon.

"The Twelve Layers of DNA"

15. Shaykh Mohammad Ashraf Ali Thanwi.

"Remedies From The Holy Quran"

16. Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi.

"Spiritual Healing"

17. Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi.


18. Hakim Chisti

"The Book of Sufi Healing"