“I’m just glad to see Rush taking advantage of his opportunities out there,” owner and general manager Jerry Jones said. “Wouldn’t want to get ahead of ourselves in any way here. Sean Lee JerseysAnd the other thing is that we ... have a lot of confidence in [Moore], his ability to be able to get in there when we would call on him with the personnel around him and get the ball in the right places. Make no mistake about it, that [with] Rush, it just gets slow when he gets out there, which that’s a compliment. Tony Romo JerseysI think Dak’s got it really slowed down.”

In three preseason games, Rush has completed 26 of 38 passes for 283 yards and four touchdowns. Dak Prescott JerseysAfter a solid showing in the Hall of Fame Game, Moore has struggled, completing 18 of 38 passes for 200 yards.

“We did move the ball with Kellen,” coach Jason Garrett said. “Missed a couple of those scoring opportunities down in close. We had to settle for field goals. One of them got blocked. But he’s a very smart player, Ezekiel Elliott Jerseysmakes good decisions. Dez Bryant JerseysI though he threw the ball to the right guy a lot. I think the biggest thing if you look at his drives is we got behind the chains a little bit, had some holding penalties, and you’re looking at some tough down and distances. It’s hard to overcome that.”

Rush needed just six plays to direct the Cowboys on a 76-yard drive that ended with a 19-yard touchdown pass to Brown. On his next drive, he converted one third-down chance and hit Lenoir for a 3-yard score.


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Ольга, г. Санкт-Петербург